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Natural Products have been popular around the Mediterranean Region for thousands of years. Natural products are especially known for their ability to cure and restrain the body from inflammation or any other stress-causing ailments. Ancient Romans have often used olive baths and produced soaps in their healing process.


In the early 1950's our ancestors Tanina and Angela, two sisters from Palermo, Italy, initiated a production of natural products utilizing extracts of grapeseed to reduce the look of stretch marks. They also produed olive oil soap to maintain the humidity of the skin while making it elastic and velvet-soft. After many decades we decided to reflect back to our old procedures. And that's how, in a family meeting, we came to the decision of investing our savings of many years in the creation and setting up of Atmosphere Essentials in New York.

Tanina & Angela Salerno

When we look back, from our very begginings until today, we have to admit that this was a journey worth embarking on. We have made new investments in the research of formulas that are beneficial for any skin type. One of our goals is to increase the number of satisfied customers who find themselves delighted by our products after a short period of use. With Atmosphere Essentials, your body will be infused with purely natural products, corresponding to the trends of today, and the wellbeing of tomorrow.

Our labs have been equipped with the appropriate machinery, the raw material that we use is natural and organic, carefully selected to obtain the highest quality products which have led to the most satisfactory results in all our customers.

Tony  Sciortino  Salerno

My mom, my sister and me

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