Polynesians and South Pacific Islanders have used Monoi oil for centuries, considering it as "a gift from nature" due to its super important benefits for hair and skin. 


Your hair needs enough quality nutrients, it needs to lock enough moisture in the scalp and constant blood flow in order to be strong and healthy to prevent split ends, dandruff and eventually hair loss. Our Monoi Hair Treatment consists of Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Oil, and it ensures that all these mentioned needs will be met and you will notice the difference in a short period of time.

Monoi Hair Treatment Oil (per 12pc)

  • Grapeseed oil, argan kernel oil, organic monoi oil, vitamin E, sunflower seed oil, Australian sandalwood oil, organic helichrysum flower oil, pink grapefruit peel oil, bergamot peel oil.

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