Take it off!: When you realize the importance of effective makeup removal.



From a very young age, most women like to apply makeup on themselves and want to learn more about it, hide imperfections and enhance their beauty. Many of us have even taken makeup courses, that’s how serious we are about this subject.


I took my first makeup course when I was 17 years old. At that age, you just want to learn what type of foundation is best for you, what eyeshadow colors look better on you, how to make your nose and face look thinner, your eyes bigger, and of course, how to transform a day makeup into a night makeup.


At that age, these are our main worries, when it comes to makeup. You never think about the fact that after clogging your pores with these amazing products that make you look fabulous, you have to clean your skin and let it breathe again.


When you’re in your 30’s, the situation is very different. A couple of months ago, I took another makeup course. This time we were not teenagers, but 30-something women wanting to do what was best for their skin. The whole approach to the subject had changed: yes, we talked about makeup techniques, but we spent a great deal of time discussing our skin types and the importance of always removing our makeup.


When we were in our 20’s, no one ever told us that taking our makeup off was the most important step of all. Generally, you find out about it later. In my case, I’ve never used a lot of makeup. Normally, after applying sunscreen, I use some foundation, blush, eyeliner and lipstick, except for when I go out at night. In that case, I go for a much radical style of makeup.


Either way, there are things you can never forget:


1) The advantage of Olive Oil's (Olio di Oliva) moisturizing action. You can take your time and give your face a massage (circular motions), and then rinse with warm water.


2) Getting rid of the stubborn eye makeup by using cotton balls soaked in facial cleanser and leaving it pressed against the area around your eyes for a little but not applying any scrubbing action. Once again, take your time here. By doing this, the makeup will come off in a more effective way.


2) The importance of  a complete cleaning routine for your skin. This is something we know, but it can be easily forgotten, especially when you get home at 3 am, after having a blast with your friends. You’re tired, you’re hungry. You take your heels off, make yourself a sandwich, get in your PJs. You look yourself in the mirror and say: “I’ll take it off in few hours, when I wake up”. You open your eyes at 2 pm and it’s too late. Your skin has suffered the damage of having makeup on for too long. 


It is for moments like this, moments of weakness and tiredness, that a multi-tasking product that thoroughly cleans your skin in just a couple of minutes, comes in handy.  I recently tried H2O Beauty, a new product by Atmosphere Essentials. With a PH of 5, it cleanses and tones your skin at the same time, so you can get rid of your makeup, go to bed and wake up guilty-free.


You can use it at night, but also in the morning before applying sunscreen and even in the afternoon, if you get home early, after finishing your daily activities. Remember that the longest your skin is clean and free of makeup, the healthier and the younger it will look.

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October 5, 2016

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