Taking care of our skin in the winter.


Being born in a tropical country, I’ve always been used to taking care of my skin in a

way that allows me to have a proper level of hydration, without clogging my pores

and avoiding an oily skin. In fact, living for 15 years on an island taught me that I

cannot leave home without applying a lightweight moisturizer and sunscreen, but

I’ll tell you about this in a future post.


When I turned 30 (not that long ago, I have to say), I was living in New York City. It

was the 26th of February and I was cold! I was working for a nonprofit organization,

which produced independent films. It was the final year of my Master and I was just

fascinated with the idea of experiencing my first winter in NY.


What I didn’t know was that keeping the same skincare routine I had followed for

the past 10 years was not going to work under 30 °F. Gradually, I started noticing

how my skin felt tight and the fine lines I didn’t have, started to show. This,

combined with the fact I was turning 30, was not fun at all.


I did my research and learned I was doing things not quite right, at least for those

weather conditions. Here are some of the changes I made in order to take good care

of my skin in that New York winter:


1. Drink plenty of water.


This is something I always do, regardless of the weather. Water will help maintain

your skin well hydrated.



2. Apply sunscreen.


Whether you’re in Bora Bora or in the North Pole, this is not negotiable.



3. Use more moisturizer on your body and face.


Preferably an oil-based moisturizer that will keep your skin better hydrated than a

water-based one, AE's Olio di Oliva Hand & Body Lotion and Hydrating Mango Face Cream are two great options . I remember that when I got home early, I immediately washed my face with a vitamin E soap and applied my moisturizer. The way my skin changed its texture was notorious.



4. Avoid long, hot showers.


I know it’s complicated, but if I could do it, you can too. Hot water strips oils from

your skin, so keep it short (10 minutes will work) and warm.



5. Wear proper gloves and shoes.


That way you will avoid cracking and irritation.



6. Plug in a humidifier.


Winter air can be very dry and by having a humidifier at home, you’ll help your skin

stay hydrated.



7. Exfoliate less.


If you exfoliate your skin and use masks, let’s say every two weeks, do it less often

during winter. And when you do it, instead of using and exfoliant, use cleansing milk

and masks that aren’t clay-based.


I’m sure there are more things we can do for our skin during this time of the year. Tell me about your experience; leave a comment below so we can all have a fun, moisturized winter.

Tell me about your experience; leave a comment below so we can all have a fun,

moisturized winter.

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