How I finally came to understand (and love) my body...


Being thin and having a nice-looking body was a thought that didn’t cross my mind until I was 13 years old. At that age, I started thinking about what I ate and how it

would affect my appearance. I wasn’t overweight, but I wanted to look more like many of my friends, who were thinner and better-shaped.


Even though I didn’t go on a diet, I did limit the amount of sugar and carbs I

consumed. At the same time, I started to exercise, which is something I learned from

my parents. The changes started to show quite fast: I lost weight and looked better.

However, during my teen years and until my late twenties, I constantly worked on

my weight and not always in the best way. I went on a few crazy diets with my two

best friends. We even came up with a system to do it without our parents realizing

it. Today, we remember this and we laugh, but we did take a risk. The diet was five

days long and you were allowed to eat very limited amounts of foods. So we would

start the diet on a Saturday and we would have a sleepover, and so the next day, and

the next day… Yes, we could lose seven pounds in five days, but after a month we

would gain ten. Obviously, this was not a good decision.


Finally, after trying many diets, one day I turned 28 and said I wouldn’t diet

anymore, I’d just eat healthy and workout. I took the pressure off myself, started

doing circuit routines three times a week, combined with two days of cardio a week.

I didn’t deprive myself of eating the things I wanted, I’d just do it twice a week, at

the most. Followed by a day with a high-intensity workout, protein-based and low-

carb meals.


That’s the way I’ve tried to conduct my life, in terms of nutrition and exercise for the

past years. I don’t think about dieting anymore, I just want to feel good and be

healthy inside and outside. Ironically, it was only when I started thinking this way

that my body changed the most: I reached my goal weight, but more importantly,

I’ve been loosing fat instead of muscle. I workout at home, guys. I don’t pay for a gym.

There are thousands of great routines on the Internet, so get  a set of

weights, good shoes and an exercise mat.


I don’t know if we’re are psychologically programmed for it, but I spent my twenties

constantly worrying about the way my body looked, I even didn’t wear a particular

type of clothes because I believed it didn’t look good on me. When I turned 30, I got

rid of all those thoughts and accepted myself just the way I am. And guess what? It’s

been fabulous after all.




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October 5, 2016

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