Happy Father's Day, dad!


My Dad.


The year my dad turned 70 years old, we knew we were celebrating. He wasn’t

thinking of having a big party. A family gathering with his grandchildren running

around the house, a nice dinner and some wine was perfect for him. But my

mother, brothers and I had something a little different in mind. How could we not have a special celebration for this wonderful man?


We planned the whole thing, called the event agency, contacted the list of guests,

ordered the food, picked out the music… Then, the big question: what should I get

him? What can you get a person who has given you everything? What can you get a

person who has taught you the most important lessons in your life? A person who

has always been with you, a person who sacrificed himself for his family when he

had to, a person who would do everything for his loved ones. That person is my dad.

Every time I try to say something about him, words can’t measure the magnitude of

my feelings. Because there are no words to account for what my father means to me.

I’ve always been deeply thankful for my family, but this is something that can be

easily said, right? I’ve heard it so many times and then I see the same people fighting

and yelling at each other. My dad has taught what family really means and this is

one of his greatest lessons: there’s nothing more important than family.

So after thinking and thinking, I came up with an idea: I would contact as many

members of our family as possible, and as many friends as possible (especially those

living away) to create a video when they said to my father whatever they wanted to

say on his birthday.


On March 9 th , everything was ready. It was a beautiful day full of smiles, music and

champagne. At the end of the evening, I brought a ridiculously huge TV and a DVD

player. My dad looked at me and said: “what are you doing?”. “What do you mean?”, I

responded. He smiled at me.


I set everything up and told my dad: “I didn’t know what to get you, so I did this…” I

played the video and my nonna was the first person to speak, then my mom, aunts

and uncles, brothers, cousins, nephews and many more. Everybody was gathered

around my dad and he was sitting down in the middle. He was looking at the TV and

I was looking at him. Seeing his face, how surprised and joyful he was, was one of

the happiest moments of my life.


Happy Father’s Day, dad!



There are no words…

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